Meet Our Board

Catherine Williams


Cate is a Preschool Teacher with over six years of early childhood education experience and a passion for understanding students individualized passion and encouraging and creating an educational environment for each student circling around their unique interests to help bridge education and learning with fun and excitement. This project of the E.C.H.O Library and Resource Center places a personal connection as both a previous student and current educator. She is dedicated to helping students with opportunities that can help expand their developing minds and nurture their creative spirit. In her spare time, she plans to continue her writing in hopes of becoming a novelist and children's author in the near future.

Betina Davis

Vice President/Secretary

As one of the co-founders of the E.C.H.O Library and Resource Center, Betina is committed to overseeing a quality STEM and literacy preschool program. She is the Preschool Teacher and has a passion for Early Childhood Education. Betina enjoys working with and serving children and families in the community including preschool age. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and her two amazing dogs!

Chielo Jane Collamar