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                  Week 21: Moving Your Body

Book of the Week #21

Theme:  Moving Your Body

Title: Bend and Stretch

Author: Pamela Hill Nettleton

Illustrator: Becky Shipe

Age Appropriate: 4+


As kids explore their gross motor skills they are learning through trial and error, this book lays out clear motions for them to follow through with as they practice. For instance, the story asks kiddos to bend their knees, wave their hands and utilize their muscles, joints and bones. Another great aspect is that this story is chalked full of fun facts about the human body that students will find fun and engaging as they learn. 

We chose this book because more and more young kids are seeking physical therapy and understanding from a very early age just how important the food they put in their body and daily activities help them grow! This allows for a positive relationship with one's self. 


At Home: (Parent/ Child)


Obstacle Course


Utilize many different everyday objects at home  and create a gross motor course the whole family will love. There are no rules, use cook books as stepping stones so you don't touch the lava, organize couch cushions in such a way where kiddos have to army crawl underneath them to get to the next objective! Our favorite is stringing streamers through a hallway so they have to maneuver their body just so to make their way around the strips without touching them to get to the other side. 

If you want to make this activity a bit more challenging for older siblings or build on this tradition and core memory; you can add additional brain teaser activities. Start with putting a puzzle together before advancing and then, maybe, have kiddos spell a word or complete a riddle in between physical activity to catch their breath as they get older! 


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