Toy & Manipulative Review

Fine Motor - "Tinker Totter" Toys & Manipulatives

Manipulatives of any kind are wonderful of development at any age (age appropriate) for your child! During our hunt for halloween activities for this week we came across a fun mummy and other Halloween "creatures" to maneuver and swivel their body parts for further fine motor manipulation! The ones we found are appropriate for ages 1 and up however, if you hunt you can find more (halloween themed or not) based on your child's age range!

Amazon alternatives: "Tinker Totter" Toys and Manipulatives:

Space Ships



Theme: Accepting Differences

Toy Name: My Family Builders (Characters & Families)

Company: My Family Builders

Age Appropriate: 1+

My Family Builders

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and no two families look a like; on the outside or inside. Therefore one of the favorite go - to items in our centers and classrooms are these fun and unique manipulatives for ages 1 and older. The objective is to connect and build different family units and individuals with the help of their magnetic heads and bodies. Every kit not only comes with a variety of faces but clothing styles allowing for a multitude of family scenarios and characteristics for teaching and playing!

For more products that promote differences and diversity and inclusion, please check out their website!

Also, you can find a variety of products just like this on amazon or google. Search "family builders" and you will be able to sift through a variety of options for young learners!