ECHO Library & Resource Center

A program that places a growing emphasis and expectation on educating early childhood students by building a safe, literary and collaborative community, creating a functional space for ages 2-5 years, and bringing more awareness to early education as well as building a positive relationship with the community.

Where community meets education

What is E.C.H.O?

The Early Childhood Hands On Library and Resource Center is a physical space within a community specifically designed and carefully crafted for young children to explore and engage in learning through books and STEM materials and manipulatives. To enrich this educational environment further these centers will experience student- led activities and community visitors and speakers.

Where is E.C.H.O Located?

ECHO Centers will be located across Michigan in various communities that meet requirements, exceed expectations based on early educational standards and match our passion for the education of these young learners.

Currently accepting applications for community locations (Click Here)

Who can Benefit?

Each ECHO Center is designed for young students between the ages of 2.5 - 5 years in communities across Michigan.

We currently have partnerships with the following companies: