Mission Statement


The E.C.H.O. Library and Resource Center will provide a safe and nurturing environment dedicated solely to expanding and exploring young minds allowing student-guided, hands-on activities that will foster each student's unique and creative interest. The library is fully functional for these young children to access and explore independently and the space accommodates them as they continue to develop. This program will focus on building a literary community for young children (ages 2.5- 5years) providing a separate physical space with a diverse collection of books, technology and materials specifically designed for young learners.


  • To create a functional space where preschool aged children can expand their knowledge through a diverse collection of books designed developmentally appropriate ages and related hands-on materials.

  • To create a physical space specifically designed to increase knowledge through student-guided (independent) learning where preschool age students can access books, materials and activities at age appropriate levels, without the need for teacher guided resources.