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Public Statement 08.10.2022

In lieu of recent and exciting developments, the ECHO Library and Resource Center has now become a Non-Profit in the state of Michigan with national copyright currently underway. With that being said, our program of Early Childhood Hands-On Libraries will continue our adventure in opening multiple centers across various communities to reach as many young learners and their families as possible and open accessibility outside of school districts’ settings. Our locations will be available with the help of city offices, libraries, community centers, and other local physical space opportunities to cater to every young (2.5-5 years) community member.

Through this new journey, we feel the need to highlight our current Public School System, for their acceptance, and encouragement for the first ECHO Center placed in their school district and the incredible students who had the opportunity to explore and learn within those walls as we edited, updated and perfected the program accordingly based on the student's individual needs. As of right now, that will be the only “school site” Early Childhood Hands-On Center while we focus on community outreach. We have found we can reach more individuals in this way than we could in any school space, private or public. As well as emphasizing creating a fun and educational environment outside traditional schooling. However, we will always take every applicant into special consideration but cannot commit to additional schools at this time but can be subject to change in the future.

To the patrons, donors both monetary and material as well as partnerships we bridged through our ECHO program associated with this particular Public School District, we want to note we appreciated your interest, support, and love for early education. Those wonderful investments in children’s education will not be forgotten or go unnoticed. The students in the Preschool Program currently involved will continue to utilize and collectively own the books and manipulatives as well as the furniture and learning aids that have helped shape and excite students this past year and we are so grateful to those businesses, teachers, administration, and individuals that helped make that center possible and secured an environment for the future and students to come.

Finally, we are proud to announce that we are starting our new non-profit: Early Childhood Hands-On Library and Resource Center from the ground up. We will not be taking any funds or donations gifted to that first onsite ECHO location just as we would honor the other ECHO centers within our program. Once funds and materials, learning aids, and manipulatives are assigned to a community location that is where they will stay and allow for community autonomy within that space.

Going forward, we are accepting in-kind donations, wish list items, and monetary funding for the Early Childhood Hands-On Libraries as its own entity as we disperse accordingly and with transparency to individual ECHO location community sites.

Cate Williams (Co-Founder, President)

Betina Davis (Co-Founder, President)